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ARAD - Water Meter (19)

The PB is an angle type, plastic body, multi-jet liquid chemical meter. Applications Measuring flow of fertilizer solutions, for agriculture, distilled water, seawater and many other diluted solutions...[Read More]

2012-12-27 17:23:46

The DISHNON is a small meter, which is resistant to fertilizer and similar chemicals and which transmits electrical data to automated control systems. The DISHNON contains a small measuring chamber .....[Read More]

2012-12-27 17:18:37

Applications The BM/BMA hydrometers series are designed for remote control irrigation and for industrial applications. The hydrometer is especially suited for automated operation. The hydrometer may ....[Read More]

2012-12-27 17:14:39

The SF is a fertilizer & chemical solutions meter with electrical output and a totalizing register. The impeller is the only moving part, inside the meter, that comes into contact with the liquid. ...[Read More]

2012-12-27 17:11:34

Features • Can be installed on any existing pipe - PVC, Cement, cast iron • Easy to install - no need for flanges • High accuracy while using the WSTcb measuring unit • LCD programmable registers (DPE...[Read More]

2012-12-27 17:05:43

Applications A combination of two water meters - a large one (model WT) and a small one (model M) with a special change-over valve. This compound water meter can handle and measure accurately an ...[Read More]

2012-12-27 16:51:42

Applications To be installed in water supply lines where the use of such meters are dictated by authorities or recommended by designers. The FSM enables accurate measuring of normal consumption within ...[Read More]

2012-12-27 16:46:52

Features • Lightweight. • Lockable carrying handle prevents unauthorized access to the register. • Vacuum sealed register in stainless steel housing & heat treated glass. • Interchangeable measuring ....[Read More]

2012-12-27 16:44:11

Features • Negligible loss of head • Simple maintenance • Field replaceable measuring unit • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens • Bearings are constantly flushed during operation to ......[Read More]

2012-12-27 16:42:12

Features • Minimum loss of head • High accuracy • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens • Optional electrical output: EV (volume), EF (rate of flow) or DIALOG • Not sensitive to dirt Available ...[Read More]

2012-12-27 16:38:57

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